Micro Gripper Enables Small-Parts Handling

IMTS 2018: SMAC Moving Coil Actuators’ MGR6 series micro gripper has a low moving mass with two independent axes.


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SMAC Moving Coil Actuators’ MGR6 series micro gripper has a low moving mass with two independent axes. It is capable of light, controlled forces and can be used as an end effector on third-party robots.

The gripper measures 55 × 47.5 × 24 mm. Its stroke measures 10 mm (5 mm each), its peak force is 3.8 N and its force constant is 11.5.

The gripper is suitable for small semiconductor components handling, small lens handling, stent/catheter handling, sample tube handling and electronics assembly. These applications make use of the gripper’s Soft-Land feature, programmable down to as low as 2.5 g of force, and two independently controlled gripper fingers, which enable gripping of asymmetric and offset parts.

The gripper records and reports what has happened during the handling process. For example, it monitors when a pick up has occurred, when the correct position has been achieved, when a part has been put down and more. It enables increased small-part assembly, particularly of complicated small products that are made in high quantities.

The gripper’s built-in sensor feedback system enables it to perform a task and verify its quality at the same time.

The gripper features programmable speeds, positions and forces with data feedback. The ability to independently control each jaw enables precise force control, measurement and positioning. This makes it suitable for a range of positioning, measuring and inspection applications.