Micron Creep-Feed Grinder

Peter Wolters offers the Macro-S for CBN rotor grinding.

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Peter Wolters offers the Macro-S for CBN rotor grinding. According to the company, gerotors are used throughout the industry in a variety of shapes and sizes. The grinder is said to achieve the tight tolerances and surface quality necessary for manufacturing the outer contour of the finished rotor. According to the company, CBN creep-feed-grinding requires a sturdy and rigid machine because the normal forces are higher than those of conventional wheel grinding.
The concrete-filled base is designed to provide torsion resistance in the 1.5-m-wide machine bed. The fixture, which is the interface between the machine and the workpiece, is designed for accuracy and high stock removal rates. Accurate workpiece positioning enables precise grinding of the rotors’ outer contour. The grinder’s high-precision index table is able to position the rotor with an accuracy of less than 0.5 micron when used in combination with a high-resolution angular measurement system.

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