Milling CAM Application Features Z-Oscillation, Other Enhancements

MasterCAM X2 Mill features 3D toolpath additions and enhancements, added support for SolidWorks assembly files, Z-oscillation and more. In addition to radial and spiral finishing toolpath styles, rest material functionality has been added to high speed finishing tool paths, except in the horizontal area. Remaining stock can be calculated from a roughing tool, another operation, all operations or an STL file. This allows the rest material to be calculated with a variety of toolpath strategies.


In addition, rib cuts have been added to the surface finish flowline, surface roughness flowline and five-axis flowline tool paths. The rib cuts are determined by a number of slice cuts perpendicular to the flowline curves of the surface. When the user chooses a direction, the software slices the flowline curves and creates a tool path at the midpoints of each slice. According to the company, this is useful for a single pass along multiple surfaces.


The software also features trochoidal motion in high speed tool paths to assist with machining harder materials. Trochoidal motion maintains an acceptable tool load by allowing predictable tool contact with the material, which can reduce tool wear.


Additional milling enhancements include Z-Oscillation contouring to minimize tool wear, especially when cutting thinner or laminated materials, and a scallop height calculator, which provides an additional method for automatically entering stepover values. Additionally, the software can check toolholders for interference with the part and calculate the minimum tool length required to avoid interference.  

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