Milling CAM Software Optimizes Tool Motion

Mastercam 2018 Mill expands machining flexibility and emphasizes speed and automation.

Mastercam 2018 Mill expands machining flexibility and emphasizes speed and automation with 2D high-speed tool paths, 3D enhancements and multi-axis features.

Stock awareness for select 2D tool paths enables tool motion on the top, bottom or both values of the stock, providing safer and more optimized tool motion. Users can also optimize finish passes based on rough stock, providing  more efficient and safer tool motion. Dynamic Mill tool paths support plunge entry. Spring passes can be used to create additional finish passes with a spacing of zero between them. This can be used for parts with thin material that may have flexed away from the tool during previous passes.

Streamlined workflows for 3D high-speed tool paths give users fine control over where to cut. High-speed Hybrid tool paths with smoothing controls deliver a finer finish, requiring less handwork. Follow containment has been added, enabling the tool to follow the containment boundary back to the start of the cut, thereby creating clean and closed passes. It also helps to avoid partial cuts when a containment boundary is directly on top of a vertical surface.

Among the software’s Multiaxis improvements, common direction on select tool paths keeps the tool at a uniform tilt angle to reduce tool and machine motion. Dropping on three- to five-axis tool paths projects the three-axis tool path onto the selected surfaces, adjusting the tool vectors to be normal to the surface. The redesigned Multiaxis Link Safety Zone page better reflects parameters.