Milling Chucks

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The company's new chuck has a balanced design that is guaranteed with ATP3 taper tolerances. The chuck has a thick wall design and uses a roller cage-clamping concept with four rows of staggered needle bearings that produce a clamping torque of 5290Nm. With this design, tools or other components are evenly clamped to the entire length of the long roller cage, which is said to provide rigid holding capability.

The product also features radial and axial grooves in the cage that provide accuracy and gripping torque, according to the company. These grooves are also said to allow for drainage of oil, dirt and grease away from the tool shank. The MC chuck allows the user to add a straight shank tool holder, collet or other straight shank accessories directly into the chuck and still be able to achieve the high level of T.I.R., the company says.