Milling Machines Feature Kinematic Mounting Systems

Designed for manufacturing small, high-precision parts, Microlution’s CNC micro-milling machines feature a 2-micron positioning accuracy, 20-Nm resolution and 200-Nm repeatability in a footprint of 4 square-feet. They are built with precision-ground granite support structures and incorporate AC linear motors and Heidenhain linear optical encoders on the X, Y and Z stages.


Available with 36-pocket ATCs, the machines use a ball-and-vee-type kinematic mounting system for both the workpiece pallet and spindle. This allows the pallet and/or spindle to be removed and replaced with sub-micron repeatability. For example, with this capability, a machining operation could be interrupted and the workpiece pallet removed for inspection and replacement without the need to reregister the part. If a machine is being used for multiple jobs, each can have its own kinematic workpiece pallet. This enables multiple users to transition from one setup to the next without losing their part registrations. In another example, the kinematic mounting system could allow the spindle to be removed and replaced with a laser distance sensor to perform metrology operations. Similarly, multiple spindles can be implemented during a single machining process.    

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