Milling Machines Target Multiple Sectors

IMTS 2018: YCM offers various multi-axis and multi-pallet machines as well as the accompanying automation.


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YCM offers various multi-axis and multi-pallet machines well as the accompanying automation.

For large-part automotive industry production, the company offers the double-column, multi-face HDC3018B-AHC. Features include a reinforced body structure and an octagonal milling head designed to provide reliability. The machine’s table measures 118" × 59.1". Its XYZ-axis travels measure 126" × 88.6" × 30", and load capacity is 22,046 lbs.  

The NFP500A-5AX double-column VMC offers spindle speeds ranging to 24,000 rpm and a 1,969-ipm feed rate. Precision and rigidity are said to make the machine particularly useful for medical, aerospace, and mold and die applications. The table mesaures 19.7" in diameter, and XYZ-axis travels are 27.6" × 39.4" × 19.7".  The NFX-380A five-axis VMC has a robotic arm system for automation capabilities.

The NXV560T Ultrasound VMC is designed for delicate jobs in medical, semiconductor, micro-machining, ceramic- and glass-machining, and aerospace applications.  It features a 30,000-rpm spindle, XYZ-axis travels measuring 22.1" × 16.1" × 17.7", a 27.6" × 16.5" table and a 1,890-ipm feed rate.

Other offerings include the NXV1680B VMC, which offers extended travels for larger parts; the NSV106A VMC, which features a 15,000-rpm, 40-horsepower spindle for challenging jobs; and the NH-500A HMC, which is equipped with a six-pallet automatic pallet changer for increased production output. The company will also showcase technology and products focusing on teh Industry-4.0 “Smart factory” concept.


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