Milling Postprocessor Supports Sinumerik 808D Control

CNC Software, producer of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, has released a postprocessor for three-axis and four-axis milling machines designed with help from Siemens CNC engineers, that provides support for Siemens’ Sinumerik 808D CNCs.

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CNC Software’s three- and four-axis milling postprocessor, developed in collaboration with Siemens CNC engineers, is said to promote higher productivity for Sinumerik-controlled machine tools. The postprocessor provides three- and four-axis support for Mastercam 2019 CAD/CAM software, produced by CNC Software, and Sinumerik 808D CNCs from Siemens.

The postprocessor includes:

  • Cycle 832 support for high speed settings
  • Work offset support matching control capabilities
  • 808D optimized drilling cycles (Cycle 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 840), with full four-axis support
  • Numerical tool call with offset D#
  • TOFFR functionality to support cutter compensation wear strategy
  • Optimized multi-axis tool path using the FGROUP and FGREF commands
  • A Siemens application guide