Milling Postprocessor Supports Sinumerik-Controlled Machines

Mastercam has released a four-axis milling post processor that is said to enable productivity on Sinumerik-controlled machine tools.

Mastercam has released a four-axis milling postprocessor that is said to promote productivity on Sinumerik-controlled machine tools. This postprocessor supports Sinumerik 840D sl and 828D CNCs from Siemens.

The postprocessor features CYCLE 832 support for high-speed settings, now including the latest Top Surface functionality; drill cycles (CYCLES 82 through 86 and 840) with full four-axis support; WORKPIECE output for Graphical simulation, including rotary-axis blank orientations; tool call as tool name or tool number; a TOFFR option; Siemens’ four-axis application guide; an optimized multi-axis tool path using the FGROUP and FGREF commands; and streamlined program editing with the GROUPS functionality.