Milling Tools Use Self-Rotating Inserts for Uniform Cutting Edge Wear


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Pokolm’s Spinworx milling system is designed to reduce operating labor time with self-rotating cutting inserts. Among the cutting materials available for the Spinworx system are the new P25, P40, K10 and M35 grades offered in high-precision and ground variants. The M35, the company notes, is effective for cutting temperature-resistant metals, titanium alloys and stainless steels. In addition, the company has developed an improved seat and broader race for higher process safety.

The cutting edges of the circular, self-rotating discs are worn down completely uniformly along their circumference, eliminating the need for manual insert readjustment. This reduces labor and cuts down on machine downtime and other nonproductive times, the company says. The tool system is said to provide increased durability and removal speeds for machining productivity as well.