Mist Collector Features Cross-Flow Design

The Torit WSO Mist Collector is designed for three mist categories: water-soluble coolants, straight oil and oily smoke. The mist collector uses the Synteq XP filter media, an engineered blend of small and large fibers with a custom, resin-free bonding system. According to the company, this provides efficiency, low operating pressure drop and long filter life. Suitable for lean work cells, the unit can be modified with a filter change. This allows leaner operations, cost savings and cleaner plant air, the company says.   The collector is said to operate quietly and is engineered for energy savings. The unit can be mounted on a stand, directly on a machine or connected to multiple machines via a duct system. Its oblong-shaped filters provide more than 45 percent more filter surface area than pocket filters and round cartridges, the company says. Rather than an upflow design, the collector has a cross-flow design in which dirty air flows horizontally through the filter, perpendicular to drainage of collected and coalesced mist. This is said to promote optimized drainage and extend filter life while returning collected coolant for reuse.