Mitsubishi Electric's Integrated Machine Analytics App Monitors Multiple Machines


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Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Integrated Machine Analytics (IMA) mobile application allows users to monitor their CNC machines through MTConnect, an open standard that makes universal equipment connectivity possible. The application is designed for Mitsubishi Electric machines but will work for any MTConnect-compliant CNC.

The IMA mobile app offers real-time monitoring and analysis of CNC functions and will notify the user when changes or anomalies are detected. If users have multiple CNC machines in their facility with an MTConnect-compliant adapter, the application can monitor all of them simultaneously. This allows users to ensure projects are staying on schedule and eliminate potential issues before they become significant.

“Users can enable push notifications to keep tabs on their machines at all times, especially for significant events like machine warnings or alarms,” says Justin Kueker, business development manager.


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