Mobile CRM Software Enables Remote Access to Customer Database


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Global Shop Solutions has released its Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product designed to provide sales people, customer service representatives and company executives who use the ERP system complete visibility of customer data from their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. The application enables users to view all the system data they are used to seeing in their offices from anywhere they can access the internet, the company says.

Mobile CRM enables users to remotely view sales orders, quotes, job status, contact information and other data required to provide fast, responsive customer service. Users can leverage the app to manage their own activities including creating events with reminders, submitting service ticket requests and other internal tasks. The app can also be used to customize and generate charts, graphs, tables and other data formats depending on the needs of individual users. To launch Mobile CRM, users tap an icon on their mobile devices to log into the product; once signed in, they have complete access to all the information in their customer database.

The software is also said to offer several enhancements over the existing CRM module, including sales goals tracking. With this flexible tool, users can create and manage sales goals for individuals, teams, regions or the company as a whole. As quotes and orders come in, CRM Mobile also tracks performance in terms of forecasted versus actual dollars.