Mobile Laser Welding Improves Die and Mold Repairs

Laser welding allows injection molds and blow molds to be repaired quickly. Stress from daily use results in wear on critical, high-stress mold surfaces. Repairs by other methods might alter the metal composition around the repair and reduce product quality, and the company's laser welding technique aims to eliminate this risk. Laser technology permits alterations and repairs of precision parts with an accuracy of ±0.001". The system uses Nd:YAG welding technology to leave heat-sensitive surfaces and coatings essentially free of distortion. Laser welding also avoids discoloration as adjacent grain structures remain unchanged, avoiding heat treating, finishing and polishing costs. In addition to tool and die steels, the company's process is suitable for aluminum alloys, beryllium-copper and exotic materials such as CuZn alloys.  

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