Modular Angle Encoder

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The new ERP 880 angle encoder is said to have the smallest possible reversal error and increased resolution. The products is designed for use in applications such as small measuring stages and ultraprecision machine tools. The encoder is equipped with a circular scale with 90,000 grating periods. This graduation is scanned interferentially so that after signal acquisition, 180,000 sinusoidal signal periods are available for evaluation. The system accuracy is said to +/- 1 angular second. The encoder consists of two separate components; one being the scanning unit including the circular scane and the other being the housing with caple. Depending on the application, the encoder can be assembled to provide an IP 40 or an IP 64 degree of protection. The standard housing is provided with a cover ring and features an IP 40 degree of protection. The IP 64 protection is available upon request.

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