Modular Carbide Tip Drill

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The new KenTip modular carbide tip drilling line with tips that can be changed without removing them from the machine, is available in inch sizes from 5/16-inch to 5/8-inch and metric sizes from 8-16mm. They use the company's HP geometry, which offers a higher positive rake angle and special edge preparation that provides 30-50% higher tool life than existing carbide drills and higher penetration rates on Z-axis thrust limited machines. The geometry of the drills is said to provide a high positive rake angle. The wide chip flukes and SE drill point geometry ensure high penetration rates. The geometry also comes with a heavy hone edge treatment that protect the cutting edge. It is offered in grade KC7315, which has an advanced TiAlN coating that delivers superior resistance to heat and abrasion, making it possible to run at high than normal spindle speeds. The grade's tough substrates are designed to help prevent chipping. It also is said to reduce cutting forces to the extent that users of high-speed steel drills who have avoided converting to carbide because of thrust issues or users of other carbide drills that are taxing Z-thrust limits, can now make major productivity gains. The product features a patented cam-actuated clamping mechanism that requires only one-quarter turn to lock or unlock the tip into the body. An insertion and removal tool is supplied with each drill. Drill bodies are available in lengths of 3-5 times the hole diameter. The initial offering consists of round shank bodies that are suitable for high-performance holding devices such as shrink fit adapters, hydraulic chucks, power grip chucks and collet chucks. The modularity of the new line means that a half-inch tip can go into a 3x or a 5x body. One drill body can also accept tips in multiple grades. Although the initial offering includes only one grade for steels, others will be available in the future.q

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