Modular Connection System for Drilling, Boring, Tapping

Allied Machine & Engineering offers Wohlhaupter’s MVS modular connection system.


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Allied Machine & Engineering offers Wohlhaupter’s MVS modular connection system. Part of the Multibore collection, the MVS connection is a flexible system designed primarily for drilling and boring, with application possibilities in tapping, end milling and light shell milling.

The MVS connection is a modular connection that enables the use of extended lengths or reduced diameters by using a series of components engineered for flexible adaptation. Four sizes are available to accommodate the diameter range of the boring required: MVS 50-28, 63-36, 80-36 and 100-56. Operators can easily build and change tooling components, and this flexibility enables the system to work accurately for almost any project’s needs, the company says.

The MVS connection offers a mating and clamping draw force of approximately 1,900 psi provided by a three-point triangular system. The pressure points are an equal 120 degrees apart, providing high rigidity, high performance capability and a total system accuracy of 3 microns. The system holds tolerances of 0.002 microns ID to OD and a consistent 0.002 microns of parallelism between mating surfaces.


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