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2/21/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Modular Gaging Software Enables Cost-Effective Implementation

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Mahr Inc.’s MarWin Millimar Cockpit Software and Millimar N 1700 modules enable users to configure and implement gaging solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


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Mahr Inc. has launched MarWin Millimar Cockpit software and Millimar N 1700 modules, an interactive MarWin-based gaging software and module-based gaging system that enables users to configure and implement both simple and complex gaging solutions quickly. The company designed the system to meet the ID, OD, length and simulated form measurement needs of today's manufacturing environment. Both offerings provide the features of a dedicated gaging computer system in addition to a flexible and versatile set of tools that provide speed and accuracy.

The software and modules fill the need for multiple-input gaging applications. Using a Windows-based gaging program and a full set of gaging modules, customers can configure the system for their specific measurement application. It arrives already configured with on-screen measurement icons, so users do not need specialized programming knowledge. The various input modules are stackable plug-and-play devices that are immediately recognized and implemented, reducing measuring time from hours to minutes, according to the company.

Millimar gaging modules also enable the design and assembly of multi-gage measuring devices for a variety of applications. Modules are available for high-performance LVDT and air applications, along with I/O modules for basic controlling functions set through the Cockpit software. A USB module ties all the modules back to the computer's USB port with a simple, single-wire connection.

MarWin Cockpit can be offered both as a standalone platform to complement a customer’s existing gage solution or paired with Mahr’s C 1700 PC, a 10" touchscreen display that enables users to view the gaging results from their measuring station.



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