Module For Data Analysis, Automation Control And PLCs

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Available from Kurt Manufacturing, the KurtUSB MLX (Multifunctional LVDT eXtra) modular building block processes input from various electrical signals and can provide programmable responses for automatic operation. It is useful for stepper motor, gaging systems, automation and PLC applications.


According to the company, the module’s CPU is powerful enough to allow signals from different types of sensors to be processed by software. This allows users to configure the module to work with various devices, including LVDT probes, air-to-electric transducers, temperature sensors, eddy current sensors and custom software for unique applications.


The internal programmable logic controller (PLC) uses ladder logic processing. It can respond to inputs and control automated equipment through discrete outputs, stepper motors, analog outputs or remote DeviceNet products. Using USB 2.0 communications is said to enable module-to-PC update speed or data rates as high as 40,000 times per second.