Module Helps Reduce Part Setup Time

Edgecam, introduced by Planit Solutions, features a new module that allows the automation of the part setup process by working in conjunction with Renishaw probing systems. Edgecam Probing is said to be an intuitive and powerful tool for automatically generating and simulating spindle probing routines for HMCs and VMCs directly from CAD geometry with Edgecam 12.5

According to the company, using the software’s easy-to-use cycles, the probing module embeds standard Renishaw Inspection Plus CNC probing commands inside the part file. This enables automatic work offset calculations to accurately establish part datums for subsequent machining. Intermediate positional moves are automatically and intelligently incorporated to avoid the risk of damage to the probe.

Full simulation of the probing routine (within the application) allows the user to verify that the cycle is optimal instead of using valuable setup time on the machine tool.

The probing module offers a range of cycles for identifying the position of bores, bosses, pockets and webs together with individual X, Y and Z points. It can also identify internal obstacles in bores and pockets and use either a three- or fou-point probing routine. Additional flexibility is offered through advanced control of protected moves to minimize probe travel and further reduce cycle time.


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