Modules Manage Production Data

DLoG Manufacturing Solutions' array of ADC/MDC software modules are designed to maintain the flow of production data from acquisition to analyses. According to the company, the modules keep production data updated and at users' fingertips. This ensures that they can spot lacking or unused resources, analyze weak points and optimize process workflows. Two of the primary software products in this line are Tip and Prisma. Designed as an interface between job planning and production, Tip features bidirectional data exchange to acquire information during the production process. The touch-control software is able to capture all machine, operational and personnel data. Tip modules, integrated into an industrial PCs, check and prepare files for processing. This enables operators to edit and compare the content of NC programs. Each module also features a display program supporting all common image formats. To evaluate data, companies can use Windows-based Prisma software. This product calculates all production data for analysis and displays it in tables or graphs. With Web-based NeT software from DLoG, users can monitor their data online at any time without installing the software locally, the company says. They also can generate machine and order data analyses in HTML format.