Mold/Die Software Features CAD, CAM Enhancements

VISI 15 is the latest version of Vero Software’s CAD/CAM solution for the mold and die industry. The software features various graphics capability enhancements, including reflection rendering, hole-feature texture mapping, perspective view, dynamic sections and true 1:1 scale viewing. Updated surface technology offers new tools for complex surface draping through curves or point clouds as well as a large-surface offset for the automotive industry.


N-sided patch, edge manipulation and new body memory diagnostics are designed to ensure that the software can handle complex data from multiple CAD systems. Direct interfaces to major systems, which include Catia and Unigraphics (UG) have been updated to include support for faceted solid data and multiple model variations.


Enhancements to the 2D plotview and annotation features include rendered view creation, dynamic section editing, custom field management, chamfer dimensioning and an automatic, four-direction ordinate aligned dimension.


CAD additions include a parametric page, which allows operators to create parametric components with parametric tools. Users can then load the geometry into the free-form modeling environment. On the CAM side, the software includes a post-processing option to optimize the NC code feed rate when entering large areas of stock. The option constantly compares the amount of material removed with the mechanical forces applied to the tool. According to the company, this can provide improved tool paths and longer tool life. Other features include a new strategy for finishing steep and shallow areas in one tool path as well as more than 60 new parametric library components for mold and progressive die applications.

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