Monitoring System Safeguards Machining Processes

Genior Modular from Artis Systems (a part of Marposs SpA) is a fully automatic process monitoring and control solution for machine tools.


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Genior Modular from Artis Systems (a part of Marposs SpA) is a fully automatic process monitoring and control solution for machine tools. It can monitor as many as 10 simultaneous machining processes for tool wear, tool breakage and missing tools, as well as provide tool and machine protection and adaptive control of machining processes. The system increases productivity and reduces operating costs by safeguarding the machining processes, shortening cycle times and optimizing tool life, as well as reducing the need for operator intervention.

During the setup phase, as many signals as possible are captured, enabling the system to automatically set the upper and the lower alarm limits. During production, it dynamically adapts the limits (such as tool wear), taking into consideration influences from temperature, material microstructure and other material-specific properties.

The system captures data digitally or via sensors, and then evaluates the data and visualizes the processes transparently. Sensors can usually be positioned close to the process to collect data independently of the sampling rate of the controls and the layout of the machine. The company has a range of sensors for measuring feed force, torque, vibration, true power and more. Each sensor comes with a transducer which processes the data for the evaluation electronics in the process monitoring system.

The monitoring system is designed to easily install and integrate into machine controls on DIN rails in a control cabinet. It requires little adjustment to existing NC programs and no special training for operators. Depending on the area of application, visualization and operation can be done alternatively via standard controls or an external system. The interface uses standard fieldbus technologies.


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