Motion Control, Drive And PLC In Single, Compact Unit

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Designed to embed motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single unit, the IPS210 minidrive is easy to integrate into motion control applications with limited space, according to manufacturer Technosoft. Based on the MotionChip DSP control technology, the unit controls DC and stepper motors up to 2×12 W (24 V, 0.5 A) with low inductance in open or closed loop modes. A single power supply is used for both logic and motor. The unit's embedded motion controller uses the same language for both DC and stepper motors, a feature designed to make motor technology differences transparent for engineers. Complex movement sequences can be programmed directly on the drive, while system-control functions can be handled from the supervising PC. The minidrive is programmable through the EasyMotion Studio software with the company's motion language and graphical tools in standalone or multi-axis configurations. Motion programming can also be done via a PC host using motion libraries or a PLC using PLC open libraries. Various motion modes, including torque, speed control, position control, contouring, profiling and more, are programmed and monitored through feedback devices such as tacho and/or incremental encoders.