Mounted Pump/Skimmer Unit Saves Floor Space

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The Keller TKO-6 compact pump/skimmer for individual machine tool sumps can be mounted on a machine tool using the CLO-1 magnetic frame. The pump/skimmer removes tramp oil and suspended solids from tcoolant and aerates the coolant by continuous recirculation at a high flow rate using a 1/2" air-operated diaphragm pump. To set up a separator on the CLO-1 frame, the user positions the magnetic frame on the machine tool and places the separator in the frame. Then, the user connects a 1/4" compressed air line (no electricals), an inlet hose and a provided outlet hose. Setup time is about 5 minutes, and no floor space is required. The skimmer pumps oily coolant from the surface of the sump, separates the chips and tramp oil and continuously recirculates the coolant at 180 gph. The recirculation rate turns over a sump rapidly—for example, a 90-gallon sump will turn over twice per hour—aerating the coolant and ensuring that there are no stagnant areas of the sump in which oil and solids can accumulate. The separator contains the company’s permanent coalescing oil separator element and a compact floating inlet device that compensates automatically for changes in the coolant level in the sump. The only operator attention required is to drain the collected tramp oil by opening the oil drain valve briefly once per day.

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