MU-S600V Connects Machines and Enables Built-In Robotics

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Okuma America Corp.’s MU-S600V five-axis vertical machining center achieves maximum productivity with the ability to connect multiple machines. The MU-S600V is unique in the machine tool industry with its capability of connecting multiple machines that utilize built-in robotics to transfer parts from one machine to another. In fact, all six sides of the workpiece can be machined in a single set-up on two machines using Okuma’s innovative work handoff system. The MU-S600V also has a standard 16-drum ATC with an optional 30 chain for increased efficiency.

In addition to being a truly “smart” machine, the MU-S600V offers the following advantages:

  • Best-in-class floor space productivity: Workpieces are machined in a slender, 55" wide machine. Though the MU-S600V has a compact footprint, like every Okuma machine it places a premium on ease-of-use, maintenance, and durability.
  • Optimized five-axis machining functionality: five-axis indexed machining allows for integrated operations. Lead times can be greatly reduced in the first setup change; and since it handles steel, aluminum, heat-resistant castings, FC and other metals, you can machine a wide variety of workpieces.
  • Maximize production with Intelligent Technologies: Okuma’s Intelligent Technologies ensure precise machining; for instance, the Thermo-Friendly Concept and Thermal Active Stabilizer provide outstanding thermal stability. In addition, Okuma’s Machining Navi, five-axis Auto-Tuning system, and Servonavi innovations help you take production to the next level.

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