Multi-Axis Machining Center

The company's new Universal U 740 machining center is aimed at markets such as moldmaking and toolmaking. The machining center is available in three-, four- or five-axis configurations. The basic three-axis package is said to incorporate a rigid clamping table, a rigid main spindle and various options. Four-axis machining is achieved through the use of the clamping table, an NC indexing head and a manually movable main spindle with digital display, tool changer and various options. Five-sided machining or five-axis simultaneous machining features a CNC-controlled B-axis, NC rotary table, tool changer, fixturing and various options. The spindle design allows multi-axis positioning through a swivel-type design that moves in an arc of -5 to +95 degrees. Unlike conventional spindles, which are placed exactly in the center of rotation, the design moves the spindle center away from the center of rotation, thereby facilitating movement in the transverse position and placing the tool closer to the clamping surface. In addition to reducing the Z-offset to only 40 mm (as opposed to 100 for most conventional machines), the design does away with the need for placing support plates under flat parts. Standard spindle speed is 10,000 rpm (18,000 rpm optional), and the spindle is protected from collision damage by special sleeves. The standard automatic tool changer holds 16 SK 40 tools. The standard design is a chain magazine, but optional ring magazines are available with capacities of 28 SK 40 or HSK A63 tools. The magazine-style tool changer automatically moves in and out of the work area to save space and avoid tool contamination. The machining center features a solid block design with three-point leveling in a mineral casting base to dampen vibration and minimize thermal variation, the company says. According to the company, the machining center features a compact footprint and can be transported completely assembled and installed with no foundation. Options include a chip conveyor, oil mist extractor, through spindle coolant, NC indexing head, high visibility guarding, tool breakage monitoring and chip blowing.

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