Multi-Axis Machining Center Offers Precision, Safety

Incorporating select elements of its C series machining centers, Hermle's B 300 machining center features gantry design for precise movement; a trunion table for multi-axis work; and a mineral casting base that offers low thermal conductivity and quality vibration-dampening properties, the company says. X, Y and Z axes are 800 × 600 × 500 mm, respectively. Rapid traverse is 30 m per minute in all axes. The main drive, capable of producing 19 kW, powers a 15,000-rpm spindle. The 30-position tool magazine accommodates both SK 40 and HSK A 63 tooling. Tool change is accomplished by direct pick-up, and chip-to-chip time is approximately 6 seconds.   The machining center is available in both three- and five-axis configurations. The three-axis version features a rigid clamping table measuring 1,000 × 560 mm with a load capacity 1,500 kg. The five-axis version features an NC-controlled swiveling rotary table, 280 mm in diameter with the maximum load of 250 kg. A variety of clamping plates are available as options. Additional collision protection is provided by control-based collision monitoring, as well as six energy-absorbing displacement sleeves located within the spindle.    The machine features a pendant-mounted Heidenhain iTNC 530 with standard integrated safety technology. Options include a chip scraper belt conveyor; chip cart; electrical hand-held control module; electrical thermal compensation; touch probe; air purge for glass scales; tool measurement; and tool breakage monitoring systems.

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