Multi-Axis Turning Centers With Enhanced Process Integration

The NZ series multi-axis turning centers feature as many as three turrets and 48 tools as well as Y-axis travel of 4.3" (110 mm). According to manufacturer Mori Seiki, this configuration enhances process integration. All turrets use a built-in motor, and the machines are equipped with a 3D interference-checking function to prevent machine collisions. According to the company, placing the motor inside the turret reduces heat generation and vibration while increasing transmission efficiency, cutting performance, speed and precision. The turning centers are available in two models, the NZ1500 and the NZ2000. The former can accomodate bar material with diameters as large as 2" (52 mm), while the latter can handle diameters as large as 2.6" (65 mm). Users can choose from a line-up of 10 variations with different numbers of turrets and Y axes to meet various needs. According to the company, the machines enable users to perform an entire process, from raw material to the finished product, in one chucking. The machines use rotary toolholders. They are available with an optional bar feed system to enable integrated machining of bar material on one machine.

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