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Multi-Character Tool Can Simplify Marking

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Dorian Tool International’s new CNC Marker is a dynamic-pressure, multi-character marking tool that has been engineered to operate in conjunction with a manual machine, CNC turning or machining center, lathe, mill and drill dress.


Useful for a variety of applications involving single-piece marking or for high-production marking operations, the marker is lightweight enough for use in virtually any CNC machine like any other cutting tool. The tool offers a dynamic pressure adjustment to control the depth of marking, the number of characters used and the range of materials and hardness to be stamped.


Industry standard steel characters are used up to 3/8" height and can be quickly removed or changed from the tooholder, where they are positive held with a safety pin. The quick- change steel stamp toolholder system will fit in the tool head of marker. A positive locking system ensures that neither the steel stamp nor the quick-change toolholder will come loose while operation, says the company.


With a stamping cycle of less than one second, the marker can replace any secondary stamping operation. It is available in two sizes.


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