Multi-Clamping Vises Designed For High-Production Applications

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Gerardi’s Multiflex series of vises maximize the machine table capacity and increase its productivity through reduced dead times. This modular clamping system is designed for clamping several workpieces at the same time on the machine tool table using the ground rack teeth on both the base and the jaws. This reduces tool change-over times.


Features include high precision accuracy; clamping accuracy with ground comb teeth between the fixed and moveable jaws; a minimum setup time; versatility; and a virtually unlimited clamping range and combination using step jaws, serrated, flat, prismatic, soft, double and more. Also featured are guided, pull-down jaw actions and the possibility of vertical setup through tombstones or solid vice cubes.


This modular system makes a variety of clamping arrangements possible, whether for several workpieces or for custom applications. The vise types are designed for high production needs.  


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