Multi-Drawer Cabinet


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These storage cabinets with multiple modular drawers are offered in four cabinet dimensions— 48” x 24”, 48” x 27”, 60” x 24” and 60” x 27”. With the 48”-wide cabinet, the rows of drawers can be divided into two sections of 24” and a row of full-width 48” drawers.  With the 60”-wide cabinet, there is a possibility to have two sections of 30” in width, or one section that is 24” wide and another that is 36” wide.  The drawers are available in ten heights ranging from 3” to 14”, and are offered in 12 different colors.


The housing accessories such as side housings and retractable shelves, and modular drawer accessories—drawer liner, partitions, dividers and foam for tools— are available with the multi-drawer cabinet.  The mobile version is offered with casters.   Additional features include a mechanism to prevent drawers from opening when moving on an incline.