Multi-Purpose Machining Center With Back Working Device

The main structures of Willemin-Macodel SA’s 508MT milling and turning machining center are built with ribbed, spheroidal graphite cast iron technology. This is said to enhance high-static and dynamic rigidity. To reduce vibration, an isolation wall separates the product’s structure area from the machining environment. Featuring travels of 17.720" (450 mm) in the X axis, 7.875" (200 mm) in the Y axis and 16.730" (425 mm) in the Z axis, the machine also is equipped with preloaded circular roller bearings and linear guideways.


The 30,000-rpm integrated spindle motor features ceramic hybrid bearings, HSK E-40 taper and peripheral coolant distribution. Designed for machining complex parts, the B axis features angular movement of -15 degrees to +100 degrees. Also featured is a 48-position tool magazine with at least ten positions that can be reserved for indexed tools. Tool-change time is about 1 second, while chip-to-chip time is about 3 seconds.


Mounted on a U-axis with 9.842" (250 mm) of travel, an automatic back working device is an optional feature for milling and turning operations. This unit includes a turret with three mechanically locked positions on which operators can mount a milling/turning 6,000 rpm counter-spindle, tailstock or vice. Other optional features for the machining center include a thread whirling head, a 42,000 rpm spindle with air/oil lubrication, B-axis movement of -45 degrees to +100 degrees and various bar feeders, conveyors and part loading/unloading systems.

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