Multi-Sensor Dimensional Measurement System

Optical Gaging Products has added a new member to its family of multi-sensor dimensional measurement systems, SmartScope Flash 302. The system, which offers 12" × 12" × 10" (300 × 300 × 250 mm) of X-, Y- and Z-axis travel on a benchtop machine, features a mechanical design with machined-in axial straightness and perpendicularity as well as a twin-Z elevating bridge for structural integrity. Medical machining applications include dimensional measurement of small parts with critical dimensions; such as orthopedic implants, syringes, stents and fluid-flow components of virtually any material, softness, opacity or color. A measurement routine for one part is repeated for a batch of fixtured parts, providing throughput to support production requirements. The system features a 12:1 AccuCentric auto-calibrating motorized zoom lens, a white LED SmartRing light, coaxial through-the-lens (TTL) surface illumination, a tracking LED bar backlight and image processing. Laser pointer speeds video measurements through rapid future location. A TTL laser provides accurate, non-contact surface focus points and surface contouring. Touch probes are available for hard-to-image parts. Also, Feather Probe allows micro-probing with its micro-miniature stylus and minimal trigger force.

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