Multi-Spindle Automatics Optimize Backworking

The company says its modular SCX series of multi-spindle automatic machines can do virtually any operation that can be performed on a three-axis machining center. According to the company, the principle feature of the machine is its ability to optimize the backworking process. Complete backworking and cross-machining operations are done in positions 8 and 9 without unclamping the workpiece and with the same speed and flexibility as front-side machining, the company says.  

The machine is designed to use the same toolholders in all positions front and rear. All tool positions can accommodate live, coolant-through tools, and all spindles are independently driven. The spindle drum features continuous indexing, even in reverse mode, and spindle speed is adjustable during indexing. All drives, cables and hoses are located outside of the machining area.

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