Multiple Precision Lathes On Display

Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: Tsugami/Rem Sales will demonstrate the BW129Z, the SS327-5AX, the S206 and the SS207-5AX LaserSwiss.


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Tsugami/Rem Sales will demonstrate the BW129Z, the SS327-5AX, the S206 and the SS207-5AX LaserSwiss turning machines.

The BW129Z is a 12-mm, nine-axis, split-slide automatic CNC lathe with three-path control to cut cycle times and produce complex parts. 

The SS327-5AX is a 32-mm, seven-axis Swiss-type lathe with a sliding headstock and a servo-driven B axis. The convertible machine can be run with the guide bushing as a traditional, sliding-headstock Swiss-type lathe, or without the guide bushing with an optional chucker kit.

The S206 is a 20-mm CNC lathe capable of simultaneously machining complex parts. It includes a backworking Y axis for additional capability. Modular tool zones and a capacity of 15 live tools enable the machine to cut parts in one setup.

The SS207-5AX LaserSwiss is a 20-mm, seven-axis sliding headstock Swiss-type lathe with a servo-driven B axis and LaserSwiss technology, enabling users to perform Swiss turning and laser cutting in a single setup. A FANUC 31i-B5 control drives all operations. The laser nozzle standoff adjustment is NC-controlled, and the laser’s power level, frequency, pulse width and lens focus are all adjustable. The machine holds 33 tools, plus the SPI fiber laser, which is available in 250 or 400 W. The B-axis live tools cut in coordination with the C axis, quickly cutting precise angles and sculpted contours.