Multiple Spindle Reduces Cycle TIme

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The Jagura model JAG-IG3S-CNC grinder features three grinding spindles: two ID spindles on one slide and an OD grinding spindle on a second slide, performing multiple operations without removing the workpiece. According to the company, the slides are hand-scraped and Turcite-coated for accuracy and long life, and brushless servomotors and ballscrews with zero-backlash nuts drive the slides. An additional slide is available that is designed to permit a longer reach for the grinding mandrels. Several types of workholding fixtures are available for the grinder: three-jaw chuck, spin roll (St. Mary’s type) or magnetic chuck. The X and Y axes are driven by Mitsubishi AC servomotors, and the C-axis option will swivel ± 65 degrees with a speed of 0 to 600 rpm. Custom software is configurable to the user’s specific applications and is accessed through a picture menu on a touch screen.