Multiplier Increases Machine Tool RPM

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The company’s multiplier is a mechanical device designed to increase machine tool rpm. This enables shops to use hard-metal tools on machines that are unable to achieve the speeds required by modern tools. The design concept involves the ratio between rpm at multiplier input and output, which varies from 1:6 to 1:4. According to the company, fitting the multiplier enables high tool-rotation speeds on a low-speed machine. This provides various benefits, including low energy consumption and less wear of the moving parts.   Additionally, the multiplier has been restyled to offer improved performance, reduced noise and reduced running temperature while maintaining precision and reliability, the company says. With updated internal designs and precision bearings, speeds of 22,000 rpm can be reached for continuous operation. Designed for drilling and milling jobs, the device is available in five sizes. Its head-cone interchangeable modular system allows each size to be adapted to various types of cones. This allows users to incorporate the same multiplier on machines with different types of spindle cones. It is available for manual or automatic tool change and is equipped with a standard anti-rotation device. Through-tool coolant output is also a standard feature. Options include tool-center cooling and non-standard ER collet outputs.  

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