Multipurpose Coolant For Cutting And Grinding

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Valenite's VNT-755 semi-synthetic formula is used in both cutting and grinding applications. The lubricant concentrate is especially useful for general purpose machining and for working with an array of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The formula is rated for moderate to heavy duty operations and can be used for cutting applications such as turning, milling, reaming and tapping, plus ID and OD grinding jobs in addition to centerless grinding work. The lubricant is well suited for cast, nodular, malleable as well as gray iron, carbon steels, cast steel, high speed and stainless steels and alloy steels as well as non-ferrous aluminum, brass, copper and bronze materials.


The product consists of natural and synthetic emulsifiers, plus a chlorinated extreme pressure lubricant that is designed to improve cooling properties while helping to resist chip weldment to the cutting edge. VNT-755 also contains a ValCool biostable microbial control package that controls rancidity through protection against bacterial and mold. The formula offers foam control even in soft water to help prevent overflows and spills.


The formula also incorporates rust inhibitors that help protect ferrous parts and machine components from in-process and post-process rusting, plus corrosion and stain preventatives for non-ferrous material applications.