Multitasking Grinding, Machining Center Promotes Productivity


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As a five- or six-axis system, the Mägerle MFP 50 CD grinding and machining center from United Grinding is offers capability to mill, drill and grind challenging workpieces in a single clamping. 

Spindle speeds as high as 10,000 rpm contribute to high machining precision, while generous machining clearance prevents collisions between the wheel flange and workpiece, the company says. Grinding wheels mounted at the front of the spindle and automatic positioning of the diamond rolls in the direction of the Z axis to change the profile provide the necessary clearance.

The coolant nozzle, controllable via two axes, allows unrestricted freedom of movement and precise positioning of the coolant jet. Water-cooled, direct-drive grinding spindle motors ensure performance in demanding continuous operation.

An optional balancing system dynamically balances unequal forces in the rotating grinding wheel to improve accuracy and prolong wheel life. Wear-free guideway systems further increase the longevity of the machine. A thin oil film separating the guideways from the upper part of the column is said to provide a high degree of process thermostability. Meanwhile, the oil film’s vibration-damping effect guarantees high-precision machining of simple and complex workpieces.


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