Multitasking Machine For Medium-Sized Bar Work

Available from Mazak, the Hyper Quadrex 150 MSY is designed for producing turned and machined workpieces from barstock as large as 2.56" (65 mm) in diameter. The machine features two horizontally opposed spindles for turning and C-axis control as well as two full-function tool turrets with X-, Y- and Z-axis motions. The machine can be fitted with an automatic bar feeder and a robotic part unloader to create an integrated work cell for unattended machining.


The main and secondary spindles can operate together or separately. This allows for the machining of a single part on all surfaces through a coordinated “hand off” between spindles or for the machining of two separate parts on a single machine. Each turret offers 12 VDI-type tools and 7.5-hp (5.5 kW), 6,000-rpm live spindles for milling, drilling and tapping operations. In addition to simultaneous machining of two features on the same part, the machine is capable of balanced cutting, in which two tools work together on the same feature.


In addition, the machine features various intelligent control functions. These include a voice advisor that reminds the operator about selected switch settings and cautionary considerations; virtual machining capability for 3D machining simulation; and Intelligent Safety Shield, a 3D model of all machine, chuck, turret, tooling and workpiece elements that checks for possible interferences.


Positioning accuracy is 0.0002" (0.005 mm) for all axes with repeatability of 0.00004" (0.001 mm) on the X and Z axes and 0.00008" (0.002 mm) on the Y axis. C-axis accuracy is 15 arcseconds, and repeatability is ±5 arcseconds.

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