Multitasking Turning Center

The company's turn series is available with 6" or 8" chucks and with an A2-5 or A2-6 nose. These machines are available in a standard two-axis model or as a stand-alone multitasking unit with mill/drill, subspindle, barfeeder and parts catcher.

Each axis is designed with a double-anchored large-diameter ballscrew to provide high rigidity and minimize thermal distortion, according to the company. Combined with a thermally symmetrical headstock, this is said to ensure cutting accuracy, and a slanted bed design ensures that the chips fall directly into a separate chip box that can be easily removed and cleaned. A separate 40-gallon coolant tank prevents heat transfer to the machine, the company says, providing an additional accuracy guarantee.

Quick spindle accent/decent time of 0.1 second, a 1,400 ipm rapid traverse and a fast turret index all work towards reducing non cut time. A three-piece coupling turret with a servo index and a hydraulic clamping force of 7500 lbs provide high accuracy and rigidity, the company says. The series has one-touch electric and hydraulic design for fully automated tailstock clamping and unclamping with no bolts to loosen or tighten. A standard Q-Setter for tool size setting and an easy work coordinate setting system is said to help reduce setup time thus enhancing productivity. Torque limiter clutches are mounted on every axis as well.

The multitasking version machines are equipped with a VDI40 mill/drill turret and subspindle to machine the complete part in one setup. The main spindle is equipped with a full C axis with disc brake positioning. The subspindle comes standard with 5- degree indexing and a 5" chuck with a drawtube capacity of 1 3/8". A parts catcher is available for both the main spindle and also for the subspindle. According to the company, complete turned and milled parts can be obtained through a combination of bar feed, live tool, sub spindle and a subspindle parts catcher.