Multitasking Turning Center With Programmable Tailstock

Featuring deep-drilling, boring and honing capability, the QTN 450-II multitasking turning center is equipped with a 7.2" bore and a programmable tailstock. Available from Mazak, the machine offers 1,761 foot-pounds of torque from its optional 50-hp integral spindle motor and 7.2" through-hole capacity. A 12-station drum turret holds rotational tools driven by a 10-hp, 4,000-rpm milling spindle, allowing the operator to perform milling, drilling and tapping in the same setup used for turning.


The tailstock can be equipped with a special toolholder to drill, bore or hone large-diameter bars. Once a tool is set up, the process is automatic, which can reduce throughput and free the operator for other jobs, the company says. With a bed length of 120" between centers, the tailstock can travel 96.25" with a steady rest or 116.13" without. The standard tailstock provides as much as 2,923 lbs of thrust, while an optional, automated steady rest can support workpieces ranging from 1.96" to 7.87" in diameter.

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