Nagel RL-2000 Robotic Loader Handles Secondary Operations


Nagel Precision’s RL-2000 robotic load system performs secondary operations to achieve lights-out manufacturing.

Tungaloy's DMH Drill Head Resists Fracture Damage


Tungaloy’s DMH drill head for DrillMeister features an edge geometry that resists thin-wall snapback and wear from exit burrs.

Ceratizit Dragonskin Coating Protects Tools From Heat, Wear


Ceratizit’s Dragonskin coating technology enhances tool durability and heat resistance.

Tridex CS1-E ECG Machine Speeds Zirconium Tube Cutoff


Tridex Technology’s CS1-E burr-free electrochemical cutoff machine is designed to increase productivity of zirconium tube cutoff, while reducing costs and fire risks.

ANCA's ToolRoom RN34 Software Eases Tool Balancing


ANCA’s ToolRoom RN34 supports ballnose cutting edges, which are suited for the aerospace, die/mold, general machining and power generation industries.

Mastercam Adds Support for Kyocera SGS Precision Tools


Mastercam users can now download 10 libraries of SGS tools in a native Mastercam format, providing fast, seamless access to SGS’s cutting tools. 

Kyocera's DRV Magic Drills Reduce Chattering


The DRV Magic Drill family of indexable drills from Kyocera Precision Tools is now available in diameters from ½" to 2" and 12 mm to 60 mm sizes.    

Rollomatic GrindSmart Offers Flexibility for Tool Grinding


Rollomatic’s GrindSmart 630XW six-axis tool grinder allows manufacturers to grind a variety of indexable inserts and round-shank tools on a single machine.

Productive Analytics Remotely Monitors Cobots


Productive Robotics has launched Productive Analytics, a secure cloud-based system for real-time, remote monitoring of OB7 collaborative robots. 

Rego-Fix's reCool ERax Gives Lathes Coolant Capability


Rego-Fix’s reCool ERax is designed to give conventional lathes coolant-through capabilities with minimal interference and minimal loss of machining range.