New Black Oxide Line

Manufacturers requiring same-day finishing of small lots of parts can achieve black oxide coatings in 25 minutes with Birchwood Casey’s BK-TT Mini Tru Temp line. This low temperature black oxide process operates at 200° F. Using a customized, two-step chemistry, the process forms a black magnetite finish of 0.000020" thickness, which contains no EPA-regulated metals.

The line uses seven five-gallon immersion tanks. The kit comes with tanks, covers and heaters, as well as a supply of chemical products sufficient to operate the process for four to six months.

Occupying approximately 20 square feet, the line can fit in a toolroom, prototype, maintenance area or in a manufacturing cell. According to the company, the process is especially useful in job shops where short run black oxide finishing is needed on a “rush” basis.



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