New CAM Features Allow Fast, Safe Machining

The Surfcam Velocity 4 package is said to offer improvements to three-axis finishing; four- and five-axis machining; and the company's TrueMill toolpath technology. For three-axis finishing, the software provides new high speed machining strategies for faster processing, reduced distance of rapid motions, tapered tool support and improved surface finish. For four-and five-axis machining operations, the software is said to enable safe tool motions in these applications via support for all standard tools, toolpath containment and collision checking and avoidance. The company's TrueMill technology, which is based on a strategy of controlling the load on the tool, is said to offer improved feed rates and reduced rapid motions with this latest software version. In addition, TrueMill series tools designed to complement TrueMill tool paths are also available.

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Software Prevents Unnecessary CAM Regeneration

Vero Software has released Edgecam 2018 R1, which includes updates that  are designed to prevent unnecessary CAM regeneration and save time on roughing cycles for milling, turning and MTM.