New CAM Software Features Reduce Cycle Times

Available from Missler Software, TopSolid’Cam 2007 is capable of piloting turning; two- and three-axis milling; four- and five-axis continuous milling; four- and five-axis continuous turning; synchronization and simulation. In addition, the software offers a range of new functions designed to reduce machining times, increase part quality and reduce tool costs. The parameters of 3D approach and retract movements can be modified without recalculating the operations. According to the company, this can save hours of calculation work and is especially useful for mold makers. In addition, a new simulation mode identifies in-place rotations and rotations relating to the rotation tool center point (RTCP). This function enables operators to define and edit approach and interoperation movements. The software also automatically prevents collisions in continuous five-axis machining. The tool orientation is automatically modified to avoid collisions or attachment with the part. In addition, the software can transform three-axis toolpaths into five-axis toolpaths. This allows the use of shorter tools, which can provide better cutting conditions and less vibration to reduce cutting time. A 2D multi-pocketing function enables the detection of grooves and faces. According to the company, this can protect the thin part walls of many common aerospace components. In addition, the software is compatible for use with multi-function tools. Retract movements are permitted to allow insert replacement, and users can change tool speed according to the tool’s workload.

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