New Grade For Heavy Steel Turning

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The steel machining grade VP5535 is Valenite LLC’s latest addition to its ValTurn turning system. The new tools are designed to foster cutting edge toughness, which is provided by a cobalt-enriched surface layer. This layer is supported by a fine grain substrate core that resists plastic deformation. According to the company, these characteristics can enhance productivity for P30 to P40 range of rough turning applications in steels and stainless steels.


A MTCVD coating of TiCN/Al3O2/TiN promotes wear resistance and thermal stability, while a polished edge is designed to minimize cutting edge build-up. According to the company, the tools perform equally well in continuous or interrupted cuts and in wet or dry applications.


The new grade complements the company’s existing VP5515 and VP5525, providing a range of options for application-specific needs, from fine finishing to general purpose to heavy roughing operations of steel and stainless steel. More than 150 individual insert configurations are available in this grade.