New HMC Design Increases Accuracy By Reducing Machine Vibrations

The NH6300 DCG is a 50-taper horizontal machining center that integrates a number of new technologies that are aimed at reducing machine vibration. According to the company, every aspect of the machine’s design was digitally analyzed, resulting in very long tool life, smoothly machined surfaces and minimized non-cutting time.

Driven at the center of gravity (DCG) design has the net driving force acting through the center of the axis. The machine contains twin ballscrew drives on the X-axis and Z-axis that are said to enable a significant reduction in vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy. Force loop advanced shape (FLASH) provides a more stable platform that increases rigidity on all axes, and allows machining forces to traverse across the box-in-box structure and through the bed, forming a closed loop. Minimum moving mass (M3) was developed through digital analysis to improve accuracy and dynamic response, without compromising strength or vibration damping.


The machine’s tool magazine is separated from the body of the machine to reduce vibration.  A 60-tool rack-type magazine is standard, while 140-, 240- and 330-tool versions are optional. The rack magazine transports the tool directly to the automatic tool changer location, eliminating the need for a tilting arm.  The tool-to-tool changing time is 2.2 seconds.

The machine has a maximum spindle speed of 10,000 rpm that can be reached in 3.2 seconds, with a deceleration time of only 3.36 seconds. During machining, the maximum rapid traverse rate of 1,969 ipm can be achieved with acceleration of 0.53G on the X-axis, 0.71G on the Y-axis and 0.46G on the Z-axis. The machine has a 24.8” square pallet size.

A center trough enables the coolant tank to be located on the floor underneath the spindle to make routine maintenance easier. Nozzles flush the work area with coolant, allowing chips to drop to the center conveyor located directly below the machining area.

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