New Jobber Drill

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The High Speed Steel (HSS) GT series drill is designed with an 118-degree split point and improved flute geometry for efficient chip evacuation. Its helix and point geometry can improve productivity when compared to standard jobber drills, says the company. The combination of TiN coating and the split point can provide the capability for the drill to create holes at a rapid rate and a high degree of accuracy. The split point is self-centering and reduces thrust in the drilling process, while the TiN-coated tip provides the capability to improve machining conditions without deteriorating tool life. In addition, minimal force is required to advance the drill through the workpiece, which can reduce tool wear. The drill can be used to machine mild steel or cast iron when the alternative is not carbide due to the rigidity of the application. To further extend tool life, this drill can also be reconditioned and recoated. Models are manufactured in sizes ranging from 3/32” to ½”, 42" to 1" and in A-Z diameters. This range also includes a 29-piece drill set (1/16” to ½”).